Unexplored History – Episode 1 – 10 Unknown facts about Shivaji Maharaj

Dear Readers,

Thank you as always for the encouragement and response that you have always provided to our writings and projects that we have undertaken. Here is our attempt to step into a new arena. There were multiple requests in recent times since we started our YouTube project that we publish our material for a wider audience in either Hindi or English. Honoring the requests put forth by all of you, we have selected the second option of English and intend to post notes, posts and videos in English periodically. To begin this new exciting journey – here is our first English video on our YouTube channel.

If you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channel, now is the best time to do so 🙂

Stay Excited.

Pranav – Umesh – Vishal

6 Responses to Unexplored History – Episode 1 – 10 Unknown facts about Shivaji Maharaj

  1. shashioak says:

    Congrats for fulfilling the requirements for Non Marathi interested readers. Keep up feel free to seek my assistance.


  2. Chetan Rege says:

    I’m so proud of your team and work! I have been very shy in replying to your posts but, I love each and every post from this blog including the ones published in the recent years and which are not public any more for the reason I understand. I feel that the YouTube podcast idea is really brilliant! Idea of podcasts in English and Marathi is epic!! Also, I have purchased all your books including Jhanjhavaat by Shri. Ninandrao Bedekar. They are joy too!

    I wish Aai Jagdamba give you all the strength to keep up the great work for many many years!!

    Secondly, I wonder if you could also write a post where you can enlist your needs, facilities, tools that you wished to have to continue this Ashvamedh but do not have yet for any reason. This could also list difficulties, challenges or even set-backs for this painstaking effort. The idea is to keep track of the challenges for the readers to understand how difficult the work is and the experts to chip in something that you’d need. I’m aware of the great historians of the earlier days like Shri. G. S. Sardesai or Shri V. K. Rajwade faced many challenges such as sponsorship etc.

    My best to your team!


  3. Shubham Kshirsagar says:

    Great post !!!


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